Slade Green Big Local

Communities – Facilities and Activities Vision:

 Vision: In ten years’ time Slade Green will have activities that will provide for all ages and abilities promote health, learning and community spirit and improve life opportunities for our diverse and changing community.

The 3-4-year Plan (2016-2017)

 The Communities theme will be a success if:

  • There are various nominated hubs with the active communication and engagement of the local community. – To continue to work with various Social Landlords and partners to create local hubs.
  • The new community hubs are thriving with positive community engagement and a sense of community ownership- To encourage residents and community leaders to run activities through the small grants programmes.
  • A mapping exercise is carried out to map all hubs and activities - To carry out a mapping exercise of each hub and exactly what is going on in each centre, to then be able to map where gaps in community engagement are sitting.
  • There is provision of a range of activities that respond to local needs – From the mapping exercise to work with current projects and to encourage new projects to advertise their work throughout the community. To try to fill gaps in the community where there are no projects running i.e. special needs or Age Concern.
  • A local market is up and running – we are going to run 6 markets again this year but move them to outside the local shops for 4 and then for 2 one in April and one in July we will run them on the field alongside a boot sale and a large community event as well.

 Our Outcomes by 2018

The communities theme will be a success if:

  • More people are engaged in both running and participating in community activities
  • There are sustained community opportunities  with the priority being local people and their inclusion, wellbeing and accessibility
  • Local businesses are involved in supporting the community
  • We run an annual roadshow for the community to keep the Slade Green Big Local name in the forefront of the community.

Community Facilities and Activities