Slade Green Big Local

 Vision: In ten years’ time Slade Green will be a place where local people feel safer and are proud of their community.

The 3-4-year Plan (2016-2017)

The Safer Community theme will be a success if:

  • The community are reporting crime through being encouraged to do so. To carry out a project on reporting crime and how to stay stay safe in doing this.
  • There is an improved community perception of the area in terms of crime and types of crime by running more projects to keep people engaged in positive activities.
  • A clear link is established from the community to service providers
  • Launch of the Neighbourhood watch – To run various meetings, a street a month project and to encourage residents to take a more active role in their community.
  • A clear project on Family violence – To run a  drop in service to enable women or men at risk of violence to have a voice and a safe place to attend and get any help they may need.

    ​ Our Outcomes by 2018

The Safer Communities theme will be a success if:

  • Our community feel safer
  • There is more confidence in reporting crime

Safer Community: