Slade Green Big Local

Local Economy Vision:

 In ten years’ time Slade Green will have a local economy that is thriving with an increased number of businesses. Slade Green will develop personal and business opportunities to equip local people with skills so they can contribute further to the local economy and enhance personal achievement.

 The 3-4-year Plan (2016-2017)

In two years’ time the local economy will become a success if:

  • The training programme that has been influenced by the local economy report is running successfully – We will do this by running courses such as specialised I.T warehouse skills, HGV Licence and Dry Form work, we realise that the costs of these courses are high at around £1,000 per person and to run these we will have to get match funding.
  • There are more social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises- Working with Unltd with a year’s intensive work to advertise and promote Social Enterprises and work with individuals encourage them to take the first steps in to being an entrepreneur.
  • There can  be established good local access to Kent Savers Credit Union-Now we have our hub at Rodeo Close, we will deliver a set of training programmes for volunteers, buy the necessary equipment such as dividers and a safe etc.
  • We can continue to bridge the gap between the community and local businesses. As identified In appendixed business report the businesses have reported that they are interested in engaging with a scheme to match local people with jobs, and to engage with a scheme to support businesses in setting up consortium to bid for contracts. We will do this by offering a contract/s to suitable businesses or sole workers to develop these two skills.

Our Outcomes by 2018

  • We can establish more local businesses
  • We increase local job opportunities
  • There is improved transport to access jobs
  • We can work with a range of partners to sustain a training programme
  • To help build a consortium with businesses
  • Raising expectations and aspirations of local people

Local Economy