Slade Green Big Local

​The Green Spaces theme will be a success if:

  •  The needs assessment in place is being implemented to its full extent – we now have a list of projects please see appendix of open space audit.
  • Partners are engaged and state their contribution in taking forward the improvement of green spaces – Network rail are now on board encouraging the council to be proactive.
  • Establish a group of resident volunteers to take control of green spaces and develop and grow a sense of pride in Slade Green’s open spaces
  • Carry on the work to establish green space projects based on consultation and community needs

Our Outcomes by 2018

 The Green Spaces theme will be a success if:

  •  There is increased community participation in the nurturing of green spaces
  • There is increased partnership participation in the development of green spaces including financial or in kind contributions
  • Increased activity taking part in our green spaces including growing projects and provision of play equipment
  • There is a lasting legacy for green spaces by a friends formal group
  • Increased pride in open spaces within the community. 

Open Spaces and Activities